…And, it’s Here to Stay

The value of the eternal moment we call ‘now’ is incomprehensible. The potential, is overwhelming. To help mitigate the chaos, we willfully and unknowingly construct our reality as it unfolds. Enter Duality.

Neuroscience has proven discrepancies between the actual world we live in and the ‘world’ we perceive. We have measured how our brains ‘pick up the slack’.

We don’t see a messy blur every time we move our eyeballs. We don’t hear the blood flowing past our ears. We’d go insane if our brain didn’t filter out these, along with other signals.

My point being; We see more of what we want, and less of what is.

My questions to self; “Is this going to serve me well?” …I don’t think so; I ask, “Is my ‘now’ just an extension of my ego?” …how can it not be?; “Do I create my existence, and therefore without myself, I wouldn’t exist?”    …sure.

I don’t know what all this means. But, somewhere in between, is the solution.



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