With regard to the recent proliferation of Fake News and the Alternative Fact Phenomenon, one has to ask, “Is this it? or will it somehow get worse?” Let’s be honest.

Alternative Facts are presented in decisive opposition to ‘official’ facts. It’s a matter of, “we think, therefore it is…” mentality. Fake News is basically just click-bait. That’s another story altogether. It appears to be more of a forward thought to garner ad dollars, than a pessimistic plight to polarize readers politically. That’s just one fine result.

Okay, then There’s this other thing – The #NewFact, if you will. Once all the players of our new regime are in the right places, the ‘official’ facts will be those of the new “experts” we have serving our country on the behest of our amicable friend, Steven K Bannon. Unless #TheResistance successfully appeals to lawmakers on the Federal and State levels, there will be a free-for-all corporate-takeover of an already incorporated, American Dream… via Donald J Trump – aka: The Trump Organization and Friends.

For example; What happened to US Steel for our pipelines? That deal alone may have been worth the election. Obama put pipelines on hold and Trump cancelled that right away. Weeks later, first of many steel shipments from Russia. Combine that knowledge with all the suspicious behavior among our new powers at be, and it’s hard to not raise an eyebrow. Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see. Still, be on the lookout for some askew numbers when it comes to our Supreme Leader’s ‘conflicted’ dealings.

Another so-called #NewFact is; How is it possible for the unemployment rate to go from the 35-49% that the Alt-Right and Trump Supporters purported it to be during the 2016 election, all the way down the the currently reported 4.7% which resembles some 2016 calculations. How is that possible? Economic Policy doesn’t ripple that fast. Even in this article from CNBC, the highest numbers barely reach 30%. Still, the inconsistencies on the subject of the Unemployment Rate are consistent with the Trump campaign, now turned fascist regime. And, that statement is a bit more than ‘just a matter of opinion’!

In closing, my opinion; the pride and narcissism that Trump Supporters are enjoying will soon enough turn to sorrow, isn’t without merit. We will collectively, as a nation, realize the costs that are going to be put off us, The American Tax Payers – of which, our so-called President is not. Let’s not even get into all the other ways people are starting to suffer, and will in the not to distant future. These #NewFacts we are already starting to see, will be convincing. But, let’s not forget that this corporate man-Trump has filed bankruptcy so many times, his Organization now has to make deals with, and borrow from Putin…

The truth is illusive, knowledge is power. Don’t be victim of Post-Truth, respect yourself and research your facts that you hold dear. If you like to share your knowledge of “Facts”, please cite your sources, so others know how you came to your conclusions. Even if readers disagree, they have a chance to see your influences and maybe expose themselves to something normally passed over.


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